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Full-stack developer at @prima

 About me

Hi there! 👋🏻

I'm Christian Visintin,   years old and I am a software and web developer. I live in Udine, Italy, but I was born in Trieste. I'm a software engineer at where I work as full-stack developer. I also work in some open source projects in my spare time. I can speak Italian, English and French fluently.


  • Coding

  • Cooking

  • Chess

  • Learning Languages

Programming languages

Software Development

  •  Rust ❤️

  •  Python

  •  Elixir

  •  NodeJS

  •  C/C++

  •  PHP

Web development

  •  React

  •  Redux

  •  HTML

  •  Typescript

  •  Css/Sass

  •  Elm



cargo install termscp

TermSCP is a terminal GUI for a SFTP/FTP/SCP client. So basically is a terminal utility with an TUI to connect to a remote server to retrieve and upload files and to interact with the local file system. It works both on Linux, MacOS, BSD and Windows and supports SFTP, SCP, FTP and FTPS.


cargo add tuirealm

tui-realm is a framework for tui which provides a layer to simplify the implementation of terminal user interfaces adding the possibility to work with re-usable component with properties and state, as you'd do in React; but that's not all: the input events are handled through a system based on Messages, providing you with the possibility to implement update functions as happens in Elm.


cargo add suppaftp

SuppaFTP is a FTP/FTPS client library written in Rust, with both support for sync/async programming. It is a fork of the original ftp library "rust-ftp", but since the original library is currently unmaintened, I decided to keep working on this library by myself.


cargo install tuifeed

tuifeed is a news feed reader with a fancy terminal user interface. It allows you read news from your favourite RSS and Atom sources, which can be easily configured in a TOML file.


pip3 install attila

ATtila is both a Python3 🐍 module and a CLI utility. The module's purpose is to ease the communication with devices through serial port, automating the scripts execution workflow; in particular ATtila is designed for RF modules which use AT commands. It is both possible to send single AT commands indicating what is the expected response, what information to store for each command and define an alternative behaviour in case of an unexpected responses.


FlapQML is a component for QtQuick applications which can be used to create flapboards, flipclocks and other flap-related stuff. The component Flap represents a single Flap, which can then be used with other flaps (in a grid for example) to create a board.

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 Work experience

Prima Assicurazioni

Software Engineer

March 2021 - Current occupation

Development of the company's website and of the backend micro-services architecture. The company, which is a pioneer in the italian tech environment, gave me the possibility to use different avant-gardiste programming languages such as Elixir, Rust and Elm and technologies such as GraphQL, Event sourcing, CQRS, hexagonal architecture and many others.

Solari di Udine

Embedded Software Developer

June 2017 - March 2021

Development of passenger information systems (PIS) and access control systems. The job is mainly focused in the development of driver applications for displays with LED and eInk technology, in addition to flapboards and also maintenance web interfaces. Several programming languages have been involved during development, such as C/C++, Python, Rust, JavaScript/TypeScript, QML, PHP and technologies such as SQL-databases (SQLite, MariaDB), Redis, NodeJS, React and AngularJS.

XLBIT s.n.c.

Java Developer

February 2016

Internship of two weeks which consisted in the development of a software for the company's email inbox management.

Technowelt Jakob

Computer repair technician

June 2015 - July 2015

Five weeks internship at a specialised electronic store in the assistance department, focused on maintenance and repair of PCs.